Stefania Calnuschi

Stefania Calnuschi (Stef)

Events Officer
The Events Officer shall be responsible for arranging regular events for the society that are non-alcoholic or contain a minimal emphasis on alcohol. Example events are film nights, society meals or games nights. They shall also coordinate with the Social Secretary to organise and manage larger society events. The Social Secretary and Events Officer shall ensure the events organised by the society are sufficiently varied so as to cater to as much of the membership as possible.

Hi! I'm Stef and I am in my second year as a Computer Science students, as well as your Events Officer for this year.

I am aiming to offer you various types of non-alcoholic events, giving a way for people to socialise or take a break in a friendly environment. Gaming, board games and film nights are definitely on my to-do list plus a few trips to different entertainment venues.

If you have any suggestions or feedback please feel free to email me at!