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Zoe Iden

Zoe Iden

Events Officer
The Events Officer shall be responsible for arranging regular events for the society that are non-alcoholic or contain a minimal emphasis on alcohol. Example events are film nights, society meals or games nights. They shall also coordinate with the Social Secretary to organise and manage larger society events. The Social Secretary and Events Officer shall ensure the events organised by the society are sufficiently varied so as to cater to as much of the membership as possible.

Hi! I'm Zoe, a first year Computer science student, and I'm running for Events officer!

Why Events Officer? - Going to great events and game nights was one of my favourite things about this year, and given the chance, I'd love to be even more involved in them! It's very important to me that we can have fun in our society without any pressure to drink, so I would organise a diverse selection of events as often as possible.