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Hannah Gazet

Hannah Gazet

Events Officer
The Events Officer shall be responsible for arranging regular events for the society that are non-alcoholic or contain a minimal emphasis on alcohol. Example events are film nights, society meals or games nights. They shall also coordinate with the Social Secretary to organise and manage larger society events. The Social Secretary and Events Officer shall ensure the events organised by the society are sufficiently varied so as to cater to as much of the membership as possible.

Hi, I'm Hannah! I am currently a Computer Science student in my first year and I am running for the position of Events Officer. Being events officer is all about providing and opportunity for students to have a relaxing time with friends and meet new people.

I've enjoyed going to every ECSS event so far and would love the opportunity to plan my own creative events for members of the society to enjoy next year. I'm enthusiastic about planning events for people to have fun in and have had some experience helping with events before within a smaller society which has shown me I would like the chance to take a bigger role within a large society.

  • I will organise regular events for ECSS members to join in with; to help people take their mind of studies and enjoy a relaxing evening.
  • I will ensure a variety of events will be made in order to include everybody wanting to attend. These can consist of movie nights, games nights, collaborating with the sports officer to make sports events, bowling, and challenges and quizzes. Or even trips to scoops, and let's not forget karaoke!
  • I will attend and make sure large events run smoothly and ensure everyone is able to enjoy their time out.
  • My main goal will be to allow people to relax and have some fun!