Rhett Mitchell

Rhett Mitchell

Events Officer

The Events Officer shall be responsible for arranging regular events for the society that are non-alcoholic or contain a minimal emphasis on alcohol. Example events are film nights, society meals or games nights. They shall also coordinate with the Social Secretary to organise and manage larger society events. The Social Secretary and Events Officer shall ensure the events organised by the society are sufficiently varied so as to cater to as much of the membership as possible.

Hello, I’m Rhett. I’m a third-year electronics student. As the events officer it is my job to organize run and manage the games and non-alcoholic socials. I aim to continue the success of previous social events and get new fresh socials to keep people engaged.

My role entails the following:

  • Organising the games and non-alcoholic socials
  • Running or assist in running all social events
  • Helping other committee members where possible
  • Making everyone in socials feel included