Samuel Kendall

Samuel Kendall (Sam)

Hackathon Officer
The Hackathon Officer shall be responsible for arranging technical events and workshops. They shall be responsible for organising and overseeing Hackathon events, alongside the Industry Officer, developing any software or hardware for use by the participants.

Hi, I am Sam Kendall and I am the current Hackathon Officer at ECSS!

I am a third year Electronics student with an interest in designing useful systems and applications.

I believe that Hackathons are a fantastic place for both learning new skills and developing problem solving ability. They are also a great way to meet new people and gain experience in design.

I aim to provide both beginner-friendly Hackathons, with a focus on learning, as well as Hackathons for more experienced participants, with a mini-hack in semester 1 preceeding the big CampusHack in semester 2.

If you have anything you would love to see at our Hackathons, please feel free to contact the society and we will see what we can do!