Farida Yusuf

Farida Yusuf

Industry Officer

The Industry Officer shall be responsible for arranging academic events for all members of the Society and coordinating with Society sponsors. They are also responsible for acquiring new Society sponsors, and sourcing the funding to run the Society.

Hey! My name’s Farida and I’m a second-year Electronic Engineering student, as well as your Industry Officer for the year. I believe sponsors and sponsored events partially represent the heights and horizons ECS students dare to dream towards. Stepping into the role of Industry Officer is a rousing opportunity for anyone to broaden the possibilities visible through ECS, and that’s why I’m here.

Here are the objectives guiding and motivating me through my term on the ECSS committee:

  • Maintaining relationships with current sponsors

The current sponsors of ECSS—among them powerhouses such as Arm, J.P. Morgan and Deutsche Bank—are pillars of prestige and ambition within ECS. Alongside their generous contributions to the society, it’s a priority to sustain bonds with our celebrated partners for the professional visibility and industry awareness they bring to ECS.

  • Diversifying sponsors

As I mentioned earlier, sponsors and sponsored events are ambassadors of opportunity to ECS students. It’s hence crucial that ECSS sponsors represent a diverse collection of careers and specialisations; we can only dream of what we know, after all. Finance, consulting and transport are highly visible industries in ECS—but have you ever wondered about the demand for engineers and/or computer scientists in, say, forensics, medicine, or digital & interactive media? As your Industry Officer, it’s my ambition to seek new sponsors into our collective who widen the view of opportunity within STEM careers. (Got any specific hopes or ideas? Drop me a message or use the feedback portal!)

  • Broadening careers and academic events

As students, careers and academic events are our window into industry and beyond—the roles and riddles that await us in “the real world.” Talks in particular are prevalent within ECS for companies to promote career/academic specialisations. Yet talks can prove esoteric, especially to first-years: to condense a subject into a one-hour lecture, you have to presume a level of established knowledge and interest.

It’s never too early to begin considering our prospects after graduation. With some thought and effort towards expanding the range of careers/academic events hosted by ECSS, we can increase engagement across the ECS student body—and have some fun while we’re at it. (Of course, there is always room for talks!)

Thanks for reading. Let’s make it rain on ECSS! 🍾🥂