Rayna Bozhkova

Rayna Bozhkova

Marketing Officer

The Marketing Officer shall be responsible for how the Society is presented online and in printed media. They will be responsible for overseeing all social media activity by the Society, and ensuring a consistent brand. They shall also be responsible for organising the Society’s merchandise.

Hi! I'm Rayna and I'm your Marketing Officer!

I've been involved with ECSS since last summer (helping with the website) and I'm happy to take our relationship to the next level. In my spare time I've been coming up with designs for ECSS merch and my dream is to make them real!

Key points about me:

  • Graphic design is my passion
  • 2nd year Comp Sci but I love electronics too <3
  • I promise to deliver FRESH NEW MERCH DESIGNS as well as the beloved classics
  • I plan to collaborate with YOU to come up with designs that YOU love 😇
  • I have zero tolerance for lame slogans
  • I'm relatable

Let's make ECSS sexy together! <3