Evgeny Saveliev

Evgeny Saveliev

Masters Representative

The masters rep liases with students on ECS masters courses, helping the ECSS committee who are often in their undergraduate degrees to cater for the masters audience.

Hi, my name is Evgeny Saveliev and I’m the ECSS Masters’ Rep.

I study MSc Computer Science, after completing my undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences (the University of Cambridge) and working in industry for a year (a fintech startup based in Germany).

My goal is simple – to get the Masters’ students involved in ECSS events as much as possible. The society’s social, careers and other events are a fantastic opportunity for everyone to enrich their university life, further their career prospects, and to just have fun. Unfortunately, we Masters’ students sometimes miss out on this for various reasons – too busy with the studies, or perhaps the fact that most events aren’t specifically catered to the Masters’ cohort.

I will:

  • Aim to run at least one Masters’ specific event each Semester.
  • Explore the option to organise some Masters’ events during the summer (project) period, when the MSc students are still around.

I aim to focus on these two aspects throughout the year:

  • Help Masters’ students with MSc-specific career prospects.
  • Organise social events that the MSc students will enjoy.

Meanwhile, if you have any ideas or suggestions, I would really appreciate if you drop me an email at ess1n17@soton.ac.uk!