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Sabeeh Islam

Sabeeh Islam (Saf)


The President shall be the figurehead of the Society. They shall be responsible for coordinating the Committee and performing any tasks that do not come under the jurisdiction of other Committee members.

Hello! I'm Saf, your current ECSS Vice-President (Operations) and a 2nd Year CS student, and I'm running to be your next President! Having worked side-by-side with the current President, I believe I have what it takes to drive ECSS forward with bigger, better and more diverse events.

The core points for my run are: -> Bigger, better and bolder events -> Bringing the E back to ECSS -> Diversity in all directions -> Make it feel like more of a society

Since April last year, I took charge of the academic/industry side of the society where I pushed for more academic events as promised on my manifesto. It was a tough task, but we have seen our academic events rise from 3 to 10 in a single year. With my fellow committee members, I brought to fruition many great new events such as ECSS Expo (300-400 attendees!), IBM Enterprise Workshop and Jump Trading’s EE focused talk! I also led the handling of logistics for our ECSS Winter Ball as well as helped with the planning + organisation of a significant portion of our fantastic social events this year.

Now why am I going for President? ECSS has a long way to go before it lives up to its full potential. Starting off, I want to bring the ‘E’ back to ECSS. But of course, that doesn’t mean our CS events would slack. Being VPO, I’ve realised that I’m not content with relying on specifically sponsors for academic events, therefore I want to let some of our talented members take over and run some talks/workshops with ECSS resources. Also, more collaborative EE related events with socs like RESUS, Robotics and Student Formula Team never hurts. As always, I will still do my best to reach out to as many companies as possible to get them to bring you amazing academic events. I did it this year, and I know how to do it even better next year.

Our Hackathons have survived the lack of Zepler this year, and those of you who came might remember how good they still were. Building from them, I want to run a 3D Printer-powered DIY Hardware workshop so you can test out your hardware skills! Hopefully this will be one of many hardware focused events from next year! Having had the opportunity to talk to other ECS related societies across the UK, I've also really wanted to see a Multi-Uni Hackathon happen one day on campus. Plus, I'm also a big Formula 1 fan, so what's to stop a Formula 1 team from coming to campus one day!

But let's not forget the social aspect. After all, it's what made me (and probably many of you) so invested in the society! I loved the idea of the Women and Non-Binary socials this year, and I want to expand the concept to include even more socials centred around the Chinese/Indian Subcontinental/Middle-Eastern (and more) sub-communities within ECS. This is because I feel like they have largely not been a part of our existing socials and I want to make them feel included.

As your President, you'll definitely see more Games Nights and more diverse non-drinking events (such as maybe a Cat Cafe trip!). Also, remember the Summer BBQ? I want more such events like it that may explore other taste profile buds (such as maybe an ECSS Hotpot night) happening throughout the year, mid and post-semester.

The fun doesn't stop there though! My personal favourite project: An ECSS Rave/House Party. Imagine a night where we book out an entire club for our members and invite in other societies for a big night out.

Lastly, I'm always open to new ideas throughout the year and I will try my best to see if we can incorporate them into ECSS' chain of events! I’m a huge believer in every student’s voice and would be thrilled to work more closely with you all in making an ECSS we’re all proud to be a part of.

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto, and I would greatly appreciate your support in my run for Presidency!