Lewes Barton

Lewes Barton


The President shall be the figurehead of the Society. They shall be responsible for coordinating the Committee and performing any tasks that do not come under the jurisdiction of other Committee members.

Hello! I’m Lewes (pronounced Lewis) - a second year Computer Science student. I am proud to have served as the Web Officer of ECSS, and with my significant leadership and organisation experience both at and outside of university, I believe I am suited to the role of President to continue building on the work of prior committees.

If elected: - I will place a stronger emphasis on academic events. - I will expand socials to other venues and activities, such as PlayZone, bowling, paintball and Flip Out. - I will coordinate with other societies such as SUCSS and USAIS to launch joint events to expand ECSS active membership. - I will guarantee a smooth, reliable and transparent operation of the committee.

In other words: more talks, more socials and more pizza!

Why me? - I am dedicated and committed to my manifesto promises. As web officer, I successfully fulfilled my entire manifesto. I added dark mode to the website, I re-designed the homepage, I updated the sponsor's information, I kept the entire website accurate and I brought back the Twitter and LinkedIn. - I’ve watched and taken part in how the committee operates. From my experiences this year, I have a strong awareness of what works, and what does not work. I want to encourage people’s strengths, support the committee’s weaknesses and promote a strong and efficient cohesion between committee members.

Thanks for taking the time to read my manifesto, and I would greatly appreciate your support. (the cat in my picture is the Mol, she's a queen - and ridiculously lazy!)