Behrad Koohy & James Hope

Behrad Koohy & James Hope

Social Secretary

The Social Secretary shall be responsible for arranging social events for the Society that involve alcohol. Example events include club nights, pub nights and pub crawls. They shall also coordinate with the Events Officer to organise and manage larger society events. The Social Secretary and Events Officer shall ensure the events organised by the society are sufficiently varied so as to cater to as much of the membership as possible.

We're James and Behrad (Baz got slop), two first year ECS students (James is ELEC and Baz is COMP), and we're your Social Secretaries for 2019/2020! Being involved in ECSS was a huge part of our first year and provided some of our favourite and most memorable moments so we’re going to try to give back to the society by hosting some of the greatest socials ECSS has ever seen.

Having a social secretary to represent both COMP and ELEC allows us to tailor the socials we host in niche ways. White Tshirt socials for example are a great ice breaker. Expect house parties, pub quizzes at Wild Lime, and a few 'never-done-before' ones that we're sure will go down a treat. We’re running joint socials with other societies, where we will prove to the rest of the university that ECSS can be a very outgoing and extroverted society!

We love working with the team to bring some fantastic socials and amazing events that will hopefully be a highlight of the year!