Elizabeth Segre

Elizabeth Segre (Elly)

Sports Officer

The Sports Officer's shall be responsible for communicating with the captains of ECSS sports teams, helping organise their sports events, advertising for the teams, and assisting in securing team funding. They also shall manage other sporting events or competitions, such as group runs and the badminton league table.

I'm a third year EEE student. Post pandemic I really started to appreciate the outdoors and the gym. In the past year I ran a half-marathon, completed half the Tour du Mont Blanc, and have reached many PBs in the gym. My goals for next year are to: - Have a sports day in Fresher's week on the common (rounders, 3 leg race, etc.) - Park run's on the first Saturdays of the month - Friendly tennis - Ninja Warriors I think this will help promote a healthy routine for the students of ECS!