Thom Esgate

Thom Esgate

The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the financial accounts of the Society, documentation of which shall be available to the Clubs and Societies Officer and the Societies Department Committee and shall be available for examination at the AGM.

Hey! I'm Thom, a 2nd Year Computer Science student, course rep, and the current treasurer of ECSS.

During my time as treasurer, I've ensued that the money-keeping standards are high, whether that be keeping detailed documentation or bugging committee members about their financial responsibilities. I've always been on hand to help committee members with everything financial and entirely open for any other members of ECS to ask about anything to do with my role.

If I am re-elected, I will keep making sure that the society runs smoothly, and that the accounts are up-to-date, and produce reports on the financial situation to be transparent - we are a society for students after all. (This also means I have to stop society members spending money on stupid stuff.)

I want to play my part in how ECSS is run, so we can continue to provide an amazing experience for all ECS students.

Thanks for reading!

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