Benjamin Lellouch

Benjamin Lellouch (Benji)


The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the financial accounts of the Society, documentation of which shall be available to the Clubs and Societies Officer and the Societies Department Committee and shall be available for examination at the AGM.

Hey I’m Benjamin, a second year Computer Science student and you treasurer for this academic year. Taking part in ECSS events this year has provided me with some of my favourite and most fond memories. Being Treasurer would be the perfect opportunity for me to give back to the society by making the committee members’ ideas come to fruition.

What I’ll bring to the society:

  • Confidence with handling money and budgeting. Having been a university student for two years now, I am experienced with budgeting (mostly food and alcohol) as I know where we could save money and where it is more difficult to cut corners.
  • Good communication skills which would ensure that all the members would benefit from the budget.
  • I integrate possibilities as I would try my best to make member’s ideas happen.
  • Good organisational skills which would ensure that tasks that are assigned to me would be completed on time. I will also ensure to update the rest of the committee regularly on the health of the society’s bank account and give them insight on the upcoming expenses.
  • Open minded as I actively search for constructive criticism and feedback as it helps me improve as a person and make me better at my job.

How I will improve ECCS:

I have noticed that the number of people attending to socials regularly isn’t as high as it could be and the people that do attend are mostly ELEC students. This is something I would like to change as more attendance to events means that members of ECSS could meet more people from the department that they maybe wouldn’t have met otherwise but higher attendance may also attract more sponsors which would help us organise even better and more amazing social events!! By gathering data about which events are more popular, I would then be able to adequately allocate the budget so that the most popular events will have the biggest shares in the budget.