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Al Omair

Al Omair

The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the financial accounts of the Society, documentation of which shall be available to the Clubs and Societies Officer and the Societies Department Committee and shall be available for examination at the AGM.

Hey I'm Al, and I am applying for the role of Treasurer for ECSS. I'm a second year Aerospace Electronics student and I've been an ECSS member for 3 years. I'm committed to handling the finances of the society transparently and responsibly keeping within the budget throughout my term as treasurer. I intend to be informative to the team by providing regular financial reports and analysis. As a committee member on the whole, I'm excited to be providing Electronics representation to ECSS, and I would like to encourage more electronics engagement as a whole.

You can expect me to: Provide regular financial reports Analyse spending patterns Ensure spending stays within a responsible budget Be transparent with finances