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Hannah Gazet

Hannah Gazet

Vice-President Engagement
The Vice-President Engagement shall act alongside the President and Vice-President Operations in managing the Committee and representing the Society. They will share the responsibilities of the President with the Vice-President Operations if the President is unavailable. In addition to this, they shall be responsible for overseeing the member facing social side of the Committee. They shall work with the Social Secretary, Events Officer, Sports Officer, Welfare Officer, and the Marketing Officer in the smooth running of all of the Society’s events. They shall ensure that the society has an up-to-date Health and Safety Policy, and that all reasonable action is taken to comply with it. They shall also work on increasing participation rates within the Society.

Hey there, I'm Hannah! I am currently in my second year of Computer Science and this year I'm running for VPE of ECSS Committee.

Over the last year I have been the Events Officer for ECSS - which I have enjoyed very much and therefore decided this year I would like to step up and become VPE, as I would love to take on more responsibility within the committee and work more closely with the running of the society. I am super passionate about the society and want to work with more of a focus on the engagement with our members this year.

Using the knowledge I have gained from being Events Officer and organising many large events I feel I would make a great VPE and be very capable of leading the team for these projects in the future. During my time on the committee, I introduced W+NB events, worked as a team to put on the Winter Ball, and set up smaller events throughout the year. If I am elected I will be able to come in with a strong start and begin planning the large events for the end of this year, along with maintaining the small events regularly throughout the year.

For the majority of last year we had no VPE or Social Secretary, which presented a challenge for the events side of the society and I didn't end up having time to run all the events I had hoped too. This year I am hoping we can get on a good track for our events and work hard to make them more centred for our members and to be what they want, and as VPE I can better lead the engagement of the society and have the experience to take on additional work as needed.

For this year I have set up some goals which I would like to achieve within the society:

  • Implement a system to receive more feedback from our society members for any popular event ideas lacking from our usual range which we can offer, and anything they would like to see more off.

  • Improve the engagement across the whole society and include more emphasise on the Elec side rather than centred on mainly Comp Sci.

  • Keep up with events being held more regularly. This could be aiming to have small events running every two weeks for people to stop in on.

  • Increase the range and type of events we hold:

    • Including more emphasise on the sports which has been lacking from ECSS for a couple years, by working with the new Sports Officer to hold socials/ tournaments.
    • Implement welfare themed events with the Welfare Officer: introducing events such as weekly study sessions, walks, or places to relax.
    • Implement small creative workshops in the society for members who would like to try something new. These can be based of request and feature ideas such as learning new languages or using modelling software.
    • Plenty of games nights - including more variations!