Ethan Lundholm

Ethan Lundholm

Vice-President Operations

The Vice-President Operations shall act alongside the President and Vice-President Engagement in managing the Committee and representing the Society. They will share the responsibilities of the President with the Vice-President Engagement if the President is unavailable. In addition to this, they shall be responsible for helping coordinate the external facing side of the society. They shall assist the Industry Officer in running large sponsor events, and liaise with staff and sponsors when the President is not available. They shall oversee the development of the Society website, and ensure that sufficient documentation on running the various aspects of the Society is created.

Hi there, I'm Ethan and your VP Operations! I'm currently a third year Electronic Engineering student who loves climbing, cooking and making cocktails! 🍹👨‍🍳 🧗‍♂️

As VP Operations, I will be working closely with the President and VP Engagement, so that the society has the best leadership than ever before. I will be supporting the rest off the committee in whatever role is needed, as well as aiding the treasurer in managing our PayPal account, coordinating Merchandise, and interacting with companies. My primary focus will be making sure the society and committee run smoothly in the back end, so we can operate as best possible for our members!

This year I would like to help attract and secure bigger and better sponsors by working closely with the Industry Officer. Ideally, this will lead to bigger and better academic events than ever, and increased student interaction with the industry and external companies.

Furthermore, I will be aiming to organise more large interactive events, such as more Hackathons and CTF style events, whilst continuing beloved ones such as the TPP code quiz!

If you have any questions about the workings of the society, or any suggestions for what we can do more to serve you, please feel free to email me at!