Harry Brown

Harry Brown

Vice-President Operations

The Vice-President Operations shall act alongside the President and Vice-President Engagement in managing the Committee and representing the Society. They will share the responsibilities of the President with the Vice-President Engagement if the President is unavailable. In addition to this, they shall be responsible for helping coordinate the external facing side of the society. They shall assist the Industry Officer in running large sponsor events, and liaise with staff and sponsors when the President is not available. They shall oversee the development of the Society website, and ensure that sufficient documentation on running the various aspects of the Society is created.

Over the past year as ECSS Web Officer I have gone out of my way to pick up extra jobs to help out the society, making myself a valuable member of the team.

Throughout the last year I have been there during all of the tough decisions that ECSS makes and would be able to use that experience to be an effective vice president. Using this understanding I would be able to continue where last year left off and help push the society forwards.

I put in many hours a week into general committee jobs, as VP Operations I:

  • Assist the Academic Officer acquire sponsors earlier in the year.
  • Pursue interest further for sponsorship from bigger companies.
  • Support the president whenever they do not have the time to finish tasks.
  • Extend VP to cover tasks that don’t fit into other role descriptions.
  • Go above and beyond for the society.