Sabeeh Islam

Sabeeh Islam (Saf)

Vice-President Operations

The Vice-President Operations shall act alongside the President and Vice-President Engagement in managing the Committee and representing the Society. They will share the responsibilities of the President with the Vice-President Engagement if the President is unavailable. In addition to this, they shall be responsible for helping coordinate the external facing side of the society. They shall assist the Industry Officer in running large sponsor events, and liaise with staff and sponsors when the President is not available. They shall oversee the development of the Society website, and ensure that sufficient documentation on running the various aspects of the Society is created.

Hey there!

I'm Saf, a first year Computer Science student. If you've been to some of the ECSS Socials there's a good chance you might have seen me.

When I look at the ECS Society, I think it serves two purposes: - A place for us ECS students to relax and have fun - A place where we can show off our skills, eg. through Hackathons and competitions.

As someone who has participated in both of those kinds of events from ECSS, I'd have loved if they were more frequent and a bit more diversified.

As VPO, I would be in a position to help enact those very changes. This role would help me ensure that the background work is done in time for them as well as effective communication and progress is happening so that the society can continue to deliver events that happen more frequently and each one, unique from the last time.

I will also coordinate with the industry officer to help increase the number of sponsors and establish contacts within industry to maximise the potential of our academic events. I don't doubt that my prior experience finding sponsors for an esports team that I used to run when I was younger would help in my ability to get sponsorship for ECSS. Moreover, I would also look into partnering up with other societies at Soton and maybe beyond to fully broaden the potential of events that ECSS does.

I also have experience running licensed broadcasted events in the past where I was required to play both the roles of engaging with members/audience as well as handling background stuff (i.e managing production staff) and that everyone was performing their roles properly and lastly that things were moving smoothly. While I think that experiences like these would help me in my role as VPO, I'm keen on learning and improving myself to better facilitate the society's needs.

At the end of the day, I want ECSS to be more than a drinking society and to be at the heart of all students in the ECS department (and maybe non-ECS).