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Mohamed Lafi

Mohamed Lafi

Vice-President Operations

The Vice-President Operations shall act alongside the President and Vice-President Engagement in managing the Committee and representing the Society. They will share the responsibilities of the President with the Vice-President Engagement if the President is unavailable. In addition to this, they shall be responsible for helping coordinate the external facing side of the society. They shall assist the Industry Officer in running large sponsor events, and liaise with staff and sponsors when the President is not available. They shall oversee the development of the Society website, and ensure that sufficient documentation on running the various aspects of the Society is created.


My name is Mohamed, I'm a second year Electrical and Electronics engineering student. I am currently the industry officer for the 2022/2023 ECSS committee and I am running for VPO.

I believe I had good exposure to how the society functions and how many hours of work are expected from me. I believe ECSS hasn’t reached its full potential yet, and there are so many opportunities to grab, both for the university and students. I have been to several COMP societies before in big universities like Imperial and I have a pretty good idea of what ECSS can become.

To do so I promise to do the following: -More balance between ELEC and COMP events, specifically the academic ones -Introduce an optional weekly/biweekly newsletter for ECSS and its umbrella societies. Maybe we can convince Joyce to stop spamming and join our newsletter as well -Plan with the web officer(s) to introduce a job board specifically for ECSS students, sort of Mycareers website (But better of course) -Communicate and plan with the President, VPE, industry officer and social secretary to try and organise weekly consistent events

I promise to try and do the following, but it has lower chances of success: -Obtain a social space for ECSS only. A space where all ecs societies can collaborate and socialise -Get an S&P500 company sponsorship