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Euan Caskie

Euan Caskie

Web Officer
The Web Officer shall be responsible for maintaining the Society’s web presence and running all digital accounts and profiles associated with the Society.

Why I'm the person for the job: Experience building + maintaining websites πŸ› οΈ Active on all social medias because I'm a sociable guy 😎 JavaScript developer πŸŽ‰ ( make of that what you will ) Verified Discord bot developer βœ”οΈ

What I'll do: 1. Improve and redesign the website. Specifically the homepage 🎨 2. Will make the ECSS website great again πŸš€ 3. ECSS TikTok account??? πŸ‘€ 4. Ensure consistent and reliable communication on all platforms πŸ“’ 5. Listen and respond to feedback πŸ‘‚ 6. Open source the website πŸ”“

My ✨GitHub✨