Ealish Corkill

Ealish Corkill

Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer shall be responsible for providing support to the membership and ensuring that, in all its activities, the Society does not unfairly discriminate against or exclude any members.

Hi! I’m Oolong and I’m the Welfare Officer. Welfare officer may not seem like a big role, but I realise that welfare and mental health are extremely important. I realise that a big part of being welfare officer is attending meetings outside of ECSS.

As Welfare Officer, I will offer any support that the committee may require, like organising and running any social events or even just being there. Furthermore, I would work with the social secretary and rest of the committee to make sure that all social events are made accessible to everyone within ECS; currently the majority of people attending are electronic students. I want to extend this to encourage more computer scientists and also girls, from both sides of ECS, helping to make the events more inclusive.

In addition, I acknowledge the fact that the degrees within ECS are stressful, and this makes mental health very important. For this reason, I’d like to run events in labs for Mental Health week, that allow people to relax and get away from work for a while, such as running cake decorating with other societies (free food).

Finally, the most important part to me, is being approachable to everyone in ECS, so that people feel comfortable coming to talk to me and to get advice for anything, like stress or personal issues. I’m a great listener and always available to talk.