Daniele Carli

Daniele Carli (Lele)

Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer shall be responsible for providing support to the membership and ensuring that, in all its activities, the Society does not unfairly discriminate against or exclude any members.

Hello! My name is Lele, I am half German half Italian and currently a first year student studying Computer Science. I am also known to be the Pokémon Rep in the SVGE Society, creating many events ensuring people are happy and enjoying their time. My plans for becoming Welfare Officer are quite straight forward: 1) Ensure everyone is feeling safe, I want everyone's views, needs and opinions to be respected! 2) Make sure that during social events everyone is welcomed in! I want to help people feel safe and encourage them to go out and have loads of fun! 3) I enjoy helping others and would be more than happy to let people DM me on discord about issues they are having, these can be any anything. If you prefer meeting in person I would gladly arrange something! I want you to think of this as talking to a friend and having a nice friendly chat! 4) Give out anonymous questionnaires on the discord for people to answer, this helps with people being more comfortable to tell what changes are needed in the society! 5) Feel free to always shout out ideas that may help the community in any way, I and others will try our best to see what we can do with those ideas! I want the community to be active, strong and happy!