Alicja Bochnacka

Alicja Bochnacka

Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer shall be responsible for providing support to the membership and ensuring that, in all its activities, the Society does not unfairly discriminate against or exclude any members.

My name is Alicja, some of you may know me as Ala. You will usually find me in the Zepler level 3 labs working or watching TV shows, but probably both at the same time.

My main motivation for running for this role was to help maintain the inclusive, open and friendly atmosphere which has been so successfully achieved by the committee and other students. Additionally, I want to increase the promotion of ECSS events, having spoken to many students who would have loved to have gone to the events, but were not made aware of them. I am a friendly face for you to come to if you have any problems or suggestions within the ECSS society or outside of it.

I know that this role involves communicating with senior tutors and I believe my past experience as head girl would make me a great candidate for this position. I was involved in communicating student ideas and views with the teachers and school governors.