ECSS Freshers 2019

Welcome freshers! We are a student run society within Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) at the University of Southampton. We run a range of events throughout the terms including socials, video games and board games events, talks and workshops from industry. We also host the ECS Christmas party at the end of the first term, hackathons (including a big one planned this year) and the end of year BBQ. We do our very popular members' clothing orders every year (normally once a year so don't miss out), and some of the designs are from our members!

It is not required to sign up as an ECSS member to come to most of our events, however, some events which space is limited may require sign up for the events and some have additional benefits for ECS/ECSS members (e.g. we offered free drink tokens for ECS members at the ECS Christmas party). You can get our events updates on our Facebook events page. Most of our events are free to come and have free pizza or snacks provided (thanks to our sponsors who make these happen), however, some of the events require a charge which we make it as small as possible to put into the events.

You can find out more about the current ECSS committee and talk to the members in person around campus. If you are interested in joining the committee, look out for information about committee elections and AGM which is normally held in March or April.

Jumpstart and Schedule

Jumpstart is a series of ECS specific freshers events during the Freshers'. It is an opportunity for ECS freshers to meet other members in ECS, take part in a range of activities, and settle into Southampton. It is our first ECSS event of the year, and is sponsored by IBM. You can learn more at the Jumpstart page.

Our ECS and ECSS specific freshers events schedule will be available soon.

There are also other university welcome events and events in the Students' Union.

Social Groups and Chat

We have an ECSS Facebook group for infomation about events, opportunities and members' discussions. We also manage an ECS Freshers 2019/2020 Facebook Group for more freshers related discussions, and there is a chat which you can join after joining the freshers group or contact us for more information.

We also present on the online platforms:

Societies and Opportunities

If you fancy sports, have a look at our intramural football team within ECSS or join the group of people in ECSS go to running events, or learn more about us doing different kinds of sports at our sports page.

Besides us, there are also some other ECS related societies, and many other societies in the university. You can also learn more about them in the faculty bunfight planned on Thursday 26th September and Students' Union (SUSU) bunfight on Wednesday 25th September.

We run events with industry and this can be a good way for our members to establish connections with them. There are also career fairs (including the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences specific ones), opportunities advertised, and supports in the university. You can find more about ECS Careers Hub, university's careers and employability service and MyCareer (university's online career platform).

Last updated on 16th Aug 2019.